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Twin Jamming Is Epic!

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Twin jamming makes Salma smile!

Our wonderful volunteer, Salma Afzal, is passionate about twin jamming. So much so, she has written a blog all about it on her own site! Please take a moment to visit her blog and read her writeup about the twin jam at this year’s Leeds Service Jam. (includes some footage to show our phenomenal dance skills!!)

The Last of the 2019 Jam

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Getting hands-on at Leeds Service Jam 2019

Wow, what a jam! Leeds Service Jam has been and gone, and we miss it already! A fabulous group of jammers took part from different parts of the country and with different backgrounds. For some, it was their first exposure to jamming and to service design, for others it was a welcome return to the familiar.

Our jammers affinity mapping theme ideas

We twin-jammed with Ghent and Dundee, we did the Show Don’t Tell dance to A Little Less Conversation in our dance-off with Ghent, we ideated, we researched, we prototyped, we shared, we drank tea and we learned.

Kicking off a debrief with post-its over dinner

The volunteer organisers (it’s all run by volunteers) went out for a celebratory meal, but of course you can’t have a jar of jammers (just invented that collective noun) without post-it notes, so we had a bit of a retrospective and agreed on things we will improve next time. We are so thankful for the venue, the catering, the sponsors, everyone who helped shared and retweeted, and the fabulous jammers who took part – to you all: THANKYOU.

See you next time!

Our fabulous sponsors!

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The Jam could not happen without the support of our sponsors and supporters. This year we were lucky to receive a grant from UKGovcamp to help cover running and venue costs, along with a generous donation from our headline sponsor dxw.

Jane Hewitt, Marketing and Communities Manager at dxw commented:

‘dxw digital is digital agency that helps create public services which improve people’s lives.  We believe the public sector can become something recognisably, radically better and we’re here to help make it happen. We work in partnership to research, design, build and operate great services. Technology is just one of the answers. We support strategy, planning, process and organisational culture too.

We’re really pleased to be sponsoring this years’ Service Jam in Leeds, which is a great entry into the world of Service Design.’

UKGovcamp is the free, annual ‘unconference’ for people interested in how the public sector does digital stuff.

Twin Jam = Global Fam :)

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We are excited to welcome this blog from uber-jammer Marie Cheung!

The Global Service Jam embraces the connection between fellow jam participants all over the world who are all service designing during the exact same weekend. What better way to connect than to twin jam with another fellow jam?

Last year, Leeds Service Jam twin jammed with Glasgow Service Jam, Singapore Service Jam and Liverpool Service Jam and it was amazing to see the diverse ideas and likewise, the similar ideas that were produced by jam teams from close and afar. We are influenced by the culture and society of the place we live, work and study in, so it’s interesting to see how we come up with these ideas to solve real world problems. We also learn from each other and share similar challenges we face when making sure we having a solid idea, how we can do better user researching and prototyping.

(Glasgow Service Jam)

(Liverpool Service Jam)

Twin jamming also provides a great opportunity to get fun and creative by coming up with fun dance challenges (such as the ‘Shake It Off’ dance-off a few years ago) or to create polls and tweets with questions on Twitter to gain further user research insights with other jammers. We make invaluable connections and we get this shared sense of achievement with our counterparts from across the world because we feel we are all doing something amazing, fun and worthwhile – together.

(Singapore Service Jam)

This year, Ghent Service Jam and Leeds Service Jam are joining forces to create a truly connected experience for our jammers. We look forward to getting inspired, learning from one another and supporting each other throughout the weekend! Yay to #twinjamming!

Marie Cheung is a Service and User Experience Designer and and experienced and committed jammer. You can follow her at

Help Us Spread the Jam!

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Could you spare a minute?

Here at Leeds Service Jam HQ we love the jam, and want to share it far and wide! We welcome jammers from all walks of life, different backgrounds, different experiences, different thinking.

Please help us reach and involve people with a few simple actions:

  1. Print off our poster and put it up where you work or play.

2. Follow LSJ on Twitter and retweet our content to to your networks: @GSJLeeds .

3. Tell people about the Jam on your wider networks – other social media, mailing lists, meetups, forums, hacks…

4. If you have any other great ideas to involve people in the Jam, email us on .

Spread the love. Spread the Jam.

Thank you!



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I went to Gov Jam in 2017 with some people from work. I knew about service design already, but it was really great to be able to try out some new techniques and skills in a ‘safe’ environment. Over the two days I learned loads of things I use all the time. Going to an event where the consequences of something not going well would only last for a few days felt like bliss!

Talking about research findings with my team at GovJam

I offered to help organise the Jam because I believe there is a lot of benefit to Service Jams. They bring people together to look at something which could be better.

I’ve taken on a slightly more removed role than other people, I’m working with the rest of the volunteer team to coordinate the Jam, but I don’t have a lot of active responsibility.

Volunteering to help plan the Service Jam has fitted well around my personal life, which has been busier than I expected. I’m hoping by the time the Jam comes around I’ll be getting my hands stuck in a bit more! Remote planning sessions have been great for being able to join while I’ve been busy.

We’re looking for some people to help us out on the weekend of the Service Jam, volunteers are what make the Jam such an amazing event. We need mentors who have jammed before and people who can help with the logistics over the weekend. If you think you’d like to help, you can apply using the form below:

By Jo Arthur

Getting stuck into the Jam

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After Leeds GovJam 2018 I was so enthused that I volunteered straight away to get involved in the 2019 jam.  I didn’t really know what I was getting into, it just looked like something I wanted to do.

With my team at Leeds GovJam 2018

It’s been a great experience and learning curve so far.  I’m working with a great team of people (only one of whom I’d met before), undertaking tasks I’ve never done before.

I volunteered to help with communications and am looking after the website and the Eventbrite page.  Although this context is new to me, I have done a lot of event management through past work and volunteering.  I’m hoping to update and upgrade that experience.

We are using Trello, WhatsApp and Zoom for our communications – none of which I had ever used before!  I’ve been nervous muddling through, but the other volunteers have been supportive and offered me advice, so volunteering for Service Jam has had the additional benefit of helping me develop my digital skills!

The fortnightly meetings are held either in person in a local coffee shop, or virtually using Zoom.  We meet in the evening and I look forward to the meetings – they are fun, but very productive.  Everyone gets a chance to speak, and we get things done.

If you fancy getting involved, contact us via this form

by Karen Thornton