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What happens after the Jam?

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We were asked this week… “What happens after Global Service Jam?”
It’s a good question and something we hadn’t really focussed on.
Here’s an attempt at an answer…

Service Design Leeds aims to share learning and explore ideas around Service Design in the city and the north of England, for both public and private sectors. A few of us have
taken up the challenge of Global Service Jam, to give the city an opportunity to try out service design, to learn by doing.

If we go into the Jam thinking of what may happen afterwards it may limit what actually happens at the event. Global Service Jam is an open and experimental space…
so we are suspending the everyday situations/thinking with the aim of creating something new and creating a shared learning together. It will be an opportunity to make new connections both locally and globally, public and private sector… and with that kind of offer, who knows what may happen? It will be created by the group of jammers that attend…

Service Design Leeds will be collecting the outputs and following things up afterwards.
We have a hunch of what we personally would like to do… but we don’t want that to quash anything that may naturally happen at the event. So what ever will be will be… but I know we are very excited and are keeping connected with other innovation groups in the city.


How do you play this Game?

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You think you know… then you sit down with relatives and friends at christmas and you discover… Aah no! You can play this game a different way. Then the inevitable discussion starts… “I’m not sure about that, let’s just check what the rules say”. And so you all agree how you’re going to play, and it usually ends up being a load of fun!

So sometimes you need to set rules to get everyone playing together, and understanding each other’s game as a result. We often rebel against rules put on us to limit our behaviour, but in this context it is to facilitate and enable collaborative working. We create a common safe space and culture for us all to go on a journey of creativity and discovery together.

The Jam will be full of games and creative play – so we’ll be having some house rules to play by. Check some of these out for size…

Service Design Network | Student Workshops | Berlin 2010
01 Learn by doing not debating
02 Be wild and crazy, surprise your group and yourself
03 Experience Trumps theory
04 Have fun. Lots of it.
05 Have lots of ideas. Get them out of your head
06 Ask questions why? why? why?
07 Focus on your persona’s needs and insights
08 Build on each others ideas. Make it “our” idea not “mine”.
09 Don’t judge. Everything is possible. Separate idea generation
from evaluation. Filter later
10 The proof of the pudding is in the eating
11 Listen! Don’t talk while others talk.
12 Sketch, craft and prototype. Make your ideas visual and tangible.

Don’t judge, everything is possible – This one is pretty key to getting the process going. It’s a common guide for designers learning to generate ideas… and not always given it’s full space in the professional world. To create, we can suspend reality while we check out the options and opportunities around a challenge or problem that we are trying to solve. And the way we do this is… Separate idea generation from evaluationWe do need to evaluate ideas, critical that we do, but at the right time… after we’ve had chance to see what the options are and can be.

Learning by doing, not debating… this is pretty primary for Service Design workshopping… we are often so passionate and full of ideas we can get lost in debate and trying to understand one anothers’ point of view. But if we put our words down and start doing and allow the ideas to be shared, develop and grow, you soon find you begin to make progress and what’s better than that… it’s fun!

If you have any other tips on how collaborative workshops can work…
we are more than open to ideas. Get in touch…

Special Thanks to Service Design Network Conference | Student Workshops | Berlin 2010


What does a Jam look like?

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Service Design Network Conference, Berlin | Student Workshop 2010
This is the kind of thing you can expect… a chance to get your hands dirty,
turn your talking into doing and develop ideas together through many different techniques. You don’t have to be an artist, everyone can have a go at idea modelling
with drawings, lego, plastacine, photography, film or whatever comes to hand. It will be a shared activity so no need to feel like you need to be Michael Angelo – we’ll leave that to
the artists!

The many stages before modelling of course – you knew it was coming – will involve post-its and many of them! There are lots of Service Design Techniques that will enable this… so bring your own ideas to share. We’re learning too!


What is Service Design?

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What is Service Design: This is a little video made by Service Design Network at their annual conference in Berlin.
It puts into a nutshell why we are so enthusiastic about Service Design.
It’s just the beginning… so if you like this let us know and we’ll publish more.


Where did Global Service Jam start?

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The service design community is growing globally. It is a discipline capturing both business and public sector alike. There are service design networks and events around the world spreading the idea. One of the highlights of the annual Service Design Conference in Berlin last October – Service Design Network – was the ‘Theatrical Tools in Service Design’ workshop. When faced with such a rich variety of workshops at a large conference you are often spoilt for choice and can feel undecided as to which workshop you should attend. On this occasion the squeaks of rubber chickens, placed around the conference venue, picked up, carried around and of course… squeaked, cut across people’s thinking and consciousness. Designing services can be fun? – these silly chickens definitely set the tone. If you ask any/all that attended, the workshop did not disappoint. The message of the workshop seemed to be ‘designing in your fun/game/play mode frees you up and is a catalyst to design and problem solving and making better services’. See our blog on the workshop Beyond Roleplay.

So a few months later when we saw the Global Service Jam was announced and we saw who was behind it… we could not resist. Who are we talking about? I hear you ask. The two creative trouble makers/initiators of Global Servcie Jam are the amazing Markus Hormess and Adam Lawrence from Work•Play•Experience, Nuremberg, Germany.
Seen here at the Finland Winter School Service Design Workshops.

Markus Hormess and Adam Lawrence | Photo by:

So Nuremberg, Germany is the birthplace and headquarters of the Jam and in a matter of weeks has spread around the world… over 40 cities on the map.

If you’d like to know more about Markus &  Adam’s story check out the About Us page
on the Global Service Jam HQ site.

Many of us have had a chance to read, talk and learn about different approaches to problem solving and idea brainstorming… but for Service Design Thinking this is a chance to stop talking and try out ‘learning by doing’. You won’t regret it. So spread the word
and join us for Global Service Jam, Leeds.

Squeak Squeak!

Service Design Techniques: Beyond Roleplay

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Service Design Workshop: Beyond Roleplay

The driving force behind Global Service Jam, Adam Lawrence and Markus Hormess from Work• Play • Experience ran a workshop called Beyond Roleplay at the annual Service Design Network Conference in Berlin.  Beyond Roleplay Workshop
Filmed by: Snook

This is just one of the many Service Design Techniques we can consider using when
it comes to Global Service Jam | Leeds. We are putting a list of different techniques together for the event, that we would all be able to consider and share.

We need you…
If you are an actor/actress and are interested to look at getting involved with
Global Service Jam Leeds let us know.